Choosing a Masters of Education program is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Obtaining a graduate degree requires a lot of time and hard work, but the career benefits after graduation are definitely worth it. With multiple options available, choosing the right program is essential. So before you enroll, consider these three things to look for when choosing a Masters of Education Program.

Before even considering enrolling into a Masters of Education program, ensure that the institution offering the degree is accredited. Checking the accreditation will allow to you assess whether the institution is reputable or not, especially if you are considering enrolling in an online program. In the field of education, receiving a degree from a non-accredited institution could mean that you don’t meet the standards to obtain a certain license or certification that is important for your job, which ultimately could cost you your career. Educational institutions obtain accreditation from an accrediting agency, which is a private company. To find out if an institution is accredited to prepare you for a certain license or certification, check with the department from which you will be obtaining your license to see which accrediting agency they prefer, and then check with the institution to find out if it is in fact properly accredited.

The focus of a Master’s program will vary from institution to institution. While some programs place an emphasis on integrating technology into the classroom, others will concentrate on curriculum development and design along with multiple other specialty options. Though each program will have individual differences, it is important to understand the specializations available and the job outlook after graduation. Before deciding, see how a certain degree emphasis can be used in your current career, or what other careers are available after you obtain your degree. This will prevent putting in extra work for a specialization that cannot be used, or has no value to your career.

Student Services
Signing you up for classes is not the only thing an educational institution should be doing for you. Many schools also offer additional resources to students to assist them in obtaining their education while enrolled, and in finding a suitable job after graduation. Take a look around the school’s website or call and ask what services are available to students. Is there an academic success center that offers tutoring to struggling students? How easily accessible are the instructors? For an online program, is there a way to video chat with classmates and professors? Also, don’t forget to check if the school offers financial aid to help you pay for your education. Each of these resources will not only help you to succeed as a graduate student, but will also ensure that your graduate experience is enjoyable. To learn more, please visit University of Western ontario for additional information, resources and references.


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