What The Kardashians Can Teach You About Education

Our whole lives we have been told time and again that the only way to be successful is by getting a good education and that if you never got an education degree, then, you probably do not stand a chance of making it in life. There was some amount of truth to this statement probably one or two decades ago. In the world we live in today however, there are a few lessons that we could borrow from people who became extremely successful without a college degree. Here is what the kardashians can teach you about education.

1. Entrepreneurship is in character

Being inventive and innovative is not something that you will be taught in class. It is a personal trait. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should already have the understanding that you can’t learn this in college. It is understandable that you will get to learn a lot of different things that will help you in your day to day life but entrepreneurship which is what is needed most in today’s world will not be one of them.

2. Very little of it will be practical

When you finally have a career, you will find that very little of what you will have learnt in college will actually be put to use. There is no one who will ask you to put on a tank of oxygen on your back and dive into the ocean. Very little information that you read about will actually be relevant to your field of work. The only thing that will be highly required is that you have the ability to learn.

3. Profit from your life

The kardashians can probably teach us that we can make money from our own lives. There are lots of things that you own or qualities that you have that other people do not have. You can benefit from this and make some money. If you have a house, why not rent it out to people who vacation? If you are well spoken, why not start a channel of your own? The economy certainly isn’t waiting for anyone to pick up the pace.

4. Skill and talent beats education

What you probably do not realize is that the amount of knowledge that you have is useless if you do not have the skills to match it. There are people who graduated top of their class but could not be productive in the work place and this is why employers are starting to hire people based on skill.

5. Study those that came before you

It is no secret that so many people have been able to grow and become very successful without ever having to go to college. This however does not mean college is useless, but it’s definitely something to think about.




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