When you think about all of the messages that leave the servers of your company every day and get transmitted to your customers, they are an important reflection of your brand. Customer communication management is about tracking all of your organization’s outgoing messages. These can include marketing and promotions messages as well as all kinds of business correspondence. Here, we look at the importance of managing these important communications. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more at the GMC Software website.

Billing Correspondence
Customer service is about giving customers the notices they need so they can make informed financial decisions. With CCM software, you can track the timing of billing information, including monthly statements, late notices, and explanations of special charges, such as late fees and overdraft fees.

Policy Notifications
Some businesses are involved in routine issuing of documents to their customers, which are all at different points within each month. These are policy and financials documents, including detailed declarations of benefits, explanations of benefits, and policy limitations and exclusions. These detail how benefits are issued and administered, and many are considered legal documents. Every time that these documents are updated, they should be shared in a uniform fashion to all customers.

Product or Service Documentation
Companies who provide supporting documents for their products or services also have to maintain consistency in their communications. For example, every assertion that they make about a product or service should be supported because customers will read these documents and bring up any issues they have with them being correct or incorrect. They will hold companies to the details. Warranties are special documents that reveal the terms under which a company will repair or replace a product.

In the marketing and sales divisions, many emails and other documents go out on the company’s servers to keep customers informed of special offers. Customers can take advantage of these deals and learn about products or services even before they are released to the market.

If your company could assign and manage all of these kinds of paper and electronic documents through one system, you would have more control over your company’s brand. You could also account for quality and for consistency. You could manage customer expectations and address problems with documents, which are usually brought to the company’s attention through the customer service department.

All in all, your company should strive for brand consistency, which begins with maintaining uniformity in all areas of outbound communications and have a way to address errors, especially instances where employees improperly communicate to customers. With document management, these records can be retrieved and analyzed and follow-up actions taken, including damage control and disciplining employees. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more at the GMC Software website.


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