Working for in call centers as a contact agent, you are bound to come into contact with many different angry customers from time to time. The truth, it’s never an easy task. And you have to be specially prepared for anything an angry customer throws your way and still be able to be as professional and respectful as possible. Remember, you are there to serve the customer. Meaning that you are also obliged to take any kind of treatment they dish out to you. Remember, a dissatisfied customer is likely going to share his/her bad experience with your product or service with like 15 more people. And that’s bad rep for any business.

You can also try out these easy steps whenever you are dealing with an angry customer to ensure that both you and the customer end the communication kind of ‘satisfied.’

1. Work as quickly as you can

Go with the say, time is money. And try to make your communications with the clients as quickly as possible while staying within your bounds to serve the customer. You will also realize that almost all customers prefer phone calls to companies to deal with their issues rather than texting, emailing, or social media. Meaning that you may have dozens of customers on hold if you spend too much time with each one of them. And an angry customer put on hold can add to your list of problems.

2. Listen to everything the customer has to say first

Before you start dishing out advice and solutions to the calling customers, listen to everything they have to say, their issues, and only after that can you offer to help them. Just sit back and listen to their stories and try as much as possible not to interrupt them. Don’t cut even if it’s to ask for clarification for something. Wait until they are finished before you start talking back. This will give you a better understanding of the customer’s issue and enable you to respond with an appropriate solution faster.

3. Apologize

After the calling customer has explained him/herself, before you get to anything else, apologize first for the inconveniences the customer has had to go through. This is a key step, especially when dealing with an angry customer. Apologizing can help to calm the situation down a great deal and make the conversation friendlier. If the problem is the customer’s fault, don’t blame them, but work with the customer towards fixing the issue.

4. Ensure you understand everything

Before you start giving out solutions to a customer’s problem, ensure you, first, fully understand what the customer is grieving about. Don’t try to solve an issue that you don’t fully understand. Chances are that you might end up making everything a lot worse if you do.

5. Attempt to resolve the issue

In case, you know what the problem is, and are in a position to resolve it, then try and resolve it in the most appropriate and easy-to-understand manner. But if you are unsure about how to resolve the issue, then don’t make any promises to the client that you can’t really keep. If you don’t know the situation, put the calling customer on hold politely and consult with your superior about how to go about the situation. Don’t wait too long though. Keeping an angry caller on hold can also end up making your day a lot longer.

8. Compensate the customer for his/her trouble

Give your customer special treatment. Maybe a discount on your future products, or freebies. But that doesn’t happen with all companies though. But many do. So, at least, try to make the customer aware that you and your company are sincerely sorry for what happened and are available whenever the customer needs assistance. Chances are super-high that you are going to end up with a happy customer doing this.


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