Growing Number Applicants For Caribbean Medical Schools Making Entry Fiercely Competitive

A recent report indicated that more than 75% of Canadians studying medicine abroad in places like the Caribbean say they were unable to obtain a spot in a Canadian medical school because competition is so fierce. Although there has been an increase in medical school openings in recent years, still only about 25 percent of applicants are accepted at Canadian schools. Caribbean medical schools are divided into two types: regional and offshore. The regional classification covers students who will practice in the general Caribbean area. Offshore medical schools primarily train students who are from the United States and Canada and who will return home to practice after graduation.

How To Become A Personal Support Worker in Canada

A personal support worker is a health care worker that provides support and assistance to patients. They often work at nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, adult day care centers and assisted living homes. Some of them work directly in a client's home and it is their support that often allows a patient to remain at home rather than have to move out and go to a nursing home or assisted living home. Their work involves direct contact and interaction with patients who are often times elderly, disabled or very ill. If a client is in a home, they may interact on a daily basis with family who reside with the patient or that visit the patient. For this reason, to become a personal support worker you will need to have excellent communication skills and be able to interact with patients and family in a positive manner.

Keeping Your Office Clean To Retain Top Talent

When running a business, there are many different things that you may choose to outsource along the way. While you could always try to hire people to take care of these matters internally, sometimes it just makes sense to outsource. One of those areas for many businesses is in office cleaning. Instead of having a janitorial staff to handle this part of the process for you, hiring an office cleaning company might make sense. Why Hire a Cleaner? There are a number of different reasons that you may want to consider hiring an office cleaning Vancouver company to come in on a regular basis. They have economies of scale that make it easy and affordable for you to hire them. They may clean hundreds of different offices and they may have a large staff to get the job done fast. They might have special buys on cleaning supplies and materials that allow them to get the job done cheaper. It might be cheaper to hire a cleaning company to come in than it would to pay for cleaning supplies and have your own janitors do the job.

New Job, New City: Moving To Vancouver, BC

There are many things to consider when moving to any city, not the least of which are moving company options and employment prospects. If you are thinking of moving to Vancouver BC, Movers Vancouver can help you with the former. With its wide range of professional moving services that meet the highest standards for reliability, quality, and cost, the specialist moving firm is the obvious choice for anyone who is looking to relocate to the city. But what of the latter?

How to Advance in Your Career

Summary: Advancing to a new position in your career is an important step toward earning a higher salary and demonstrating your ability to take on added responsibilities. However, in today’s competitive employment market, it can be too easy to be passed over for a promotion. Employers are now looking for a specific set of criteria that can set a person apart from the rest of the applicants while also proving that they will be an asset to the company. The following strategies will prepare you to pursue advancement in your career through a combination of education and networking that will emphasize the skills that you have to offer to a potential employer.

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Tips On Optimizing Your Job Search

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