There are many things to consider when moving to any city, not the least of which are moving company options and employment prospects. If you are thinking of moving to Vancouver BC, Movers Vancouver can help you with the former. With its wide range of professional moving services that meet the highest standards for reliability, quality, and cost, the specialist moving firm is the obvious choice for anyone who is looking to relocate to the city. But what of the latter?

The good news is that there are many jobs to be found in Vancouver, although the competition can be pretty fierce in some areas. Furthermore, there are some important factors to keep in mind when looking for a job in the city, some of which are specific to the Vancouver employment sector.


Vancouver at a glance

Vancouver is a Canadian coastal city located on the British Columbia mainland. Situated on the country’s West Coast, Vancouver is located just above Seattle, 50 kilometers north of the American border. For the second year in a row, the city was voted the most liveable in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit. With its breathtaking scenery, ocean-side location, and proximity to the majestic North Shore Mountains, the city offers numerous opportunities for exploration and outdoor activity all year ’round. The city also offers easy access to every modern convenience and amenity, making it ideally suited for families, professionals, and retirees.


Vancouver: Canada’s commercial hub

As for work and employment opportunities, British Columbia–and Vancouver in particular–offers a number of superb options as well. The area is recognized as the commercial hub of Canada, and is in fact the site of the country’s most vibrant economies. Vancouver itself boasts of an amazingly diverse economy, with the city renowned all over the world as one of the largest industrial centers in existence.

The vibrant business and industrial environment has given rise to numerous work and employment opportunities in Canada, in a wide and diverse array of niches and fields of specialization. The nursing industry in particularly is a promising area in which to start a career, with more than 1,600 new regular nursing positions expected to become available by the end of March 2016. As in the rest of the country, BC has experienced a huge shortage in the number of qualified nurses available, with the problem having gotten considerably worse over the past few years. In order to address the deficiency, the provincial government has partnered with the BC Nurses Union in forming an alliance that is intended to create new jobs within the nursing industry.

Still other work and employment opportunities are available in the industrial and commercial sectors, both of which have long played an instrumental role in the growth and development of the Canadian economy. The Vancouver port is the largest in the country, with more than $200 million in cargo processed through daily. Already ranked the number one port in North America as far as exports are concerned, Vancouver port generates more than $6.1 billion in wages every year by way of the more than 130,000 jobs it maintains.

Also worth exploring for work and employment opportunities are the biotechnology, alternative fuels and software development sectors. With the city’s economy expected to grow by as much as 3% this year, 2016 is shaping up to be an even better and brighter year for Vancouver.





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