The heart of every business success lies in its marketing. In fact, most aspects rely on successful marketing. While it may be necessary to know how to leverage marketing opportunities, a marketer must have specific tactical marketing skills. For this reason, the candidate will need to impress marketing recruiters. While successful marketers may exhibit a wide range of traits, there are particular skills that must be demonstrated. So, what are the must-have skills for a marketing role?


Email Marketing

As many marketers get fired up to embark on their marketing careers, most of them lack the skill of email marketing. One major reason why email has value for any business set up is its flexibility. It is one of the easiest ways to reach consumers without investing in expensive technology or software. It is easy to incorporate it into any marketing plan of the business. With ROI in mind, email is the best-performing channel that has higher retention and conversion rates as opposed to social media. A good marketer must have the understanding of multiple concepts of email marketing. The first essential step in this skill is deliverability. How will the marketer ensure the emails reach the target audience? MTAs, bounces, ISPs, spam, content quality, and bulking all affect email deliverability. The marketer must, therefore, avoid hard bounces, spam complaints, understand how promotions tab works and purge every list. How well does the marketer understand list building? Today, growing an email list is a step that cannot be overlooked. There has to be a good grip of various subscriber acquisition mechanisms available. That could include guest blogging, content marketing, webinars, giveaways, social media, and more. Whether the email is designed to get people to share or buy, there has to be a reason behind it. The action behind every sent mail is measured by the call to action. In fact, click rate is a vital metric in email marketing. If the marketer does not have this skill, no tactic will get the expected reaction from consumers.



Search engine optimization is no longer about getting a website found. As Google’s algorithm grows, organizations are becoming more aware of the need to implement ultimate solutions such as guest blogging and content marketing. SEO is certainly evolving at a rapid rate. It has so far been cited as the most in-demand skill by marketing recruiters. Most companies are looking for people who have a deep understanding of two basics:
1. Offering value and building valuable relationships through inbound marketing.
2. Key elements such as XML sitemaps.
A marketer must genuinely show interest in SEO and must be attentive to the constantly changing algorithm to succeed in any industry. SEO goes beyond understanding keywords and fixing them into a site. It is about optimizing the website at a page and a server level. That is the only way to generate traffic and conversion.

As much as other skills are important, the marketer must be well equipped with analytical skills too. Analytical skills are necessary when it comes to the interpretation and reporting of the efficacy of digital marketing efforts. The best marketers device great inbound and outbound digital strategies and analyze them. Today, marketers must be skilled in more than one specialty if they are to win in marketing and stay ahead of competitors.


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