Many customers prefer self-service instead of live customer support. The modern call centre should be setup to handle all types of inquiries, whether customers want to solve problems on their own or with the help of an agent. Inbound call centres have to figure out how to continue offering excellent customer service while providing self-service options. Here’s how to create helpful self-service tools.

Provide Smart Search Tools

Let customers search for solutions on your website. However, don’t just include basic search functions. When customers have complex issues or in-depth questions, they’ll need advanced search functionality to discover all of the information they need. Offer a variety of filters that customers can use to fine-tune their searches.

Show Answers to FAQ

If you find that a lot of customers are using your answering service for the same inquiries, creating an easy-to-access FAQ portal is a good option. For example, include a list of your top ten help articles on your website homepage. Or, on your FAQ page, put a list of links to answers to the most common questions right at the top.

Offer Self-Service on Multiple Devices

If you’re going to offer a variety of ways for customers to contact you, it’s important to keep the level of customer service standard across all of those modes. For example, everything from your answering service and email support to social media profiles should be responsive to the customer. If the customer can contact you in some way, they should be able to receive support in that way too.

Create Seamless Customer Support

When a customer starts out using self-service but then decides they need to speak with a live agent, they shouldn’t have to start the customer service process over. By using software that captures all customer information, such as what they were searching for in the customer portal, you can have your contact centre agent pick up exactly where the customer left off.

Avoid Company Speak

When creating a FAQ portal, it’s important to use the same type of natural language that your customers will use. Your customers aren’t going to be using industry terms or corporate speak. In order for them to find the information they need, it has to be written in the same language they’re going to use.

Self-service portals and tools will help your customers easily find answers to their questions. This will help your customers who want to find their own answers to have a better experience. Not only will customers be more satisfied, but your contact centre agents will also be able to focus on more pressing and difficult issues. For more information, please visit Extend Communications Inc. to find additional resources.


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