Over the last decade, the education sector has witnessed new approaches to education such as laptops for every student, teacher Twitter accounts, and Google classrooms. In addition to keeping tabs on the latest trends, private schools also need to maintain awareness of societal shifts and cultural trends.

A Refocusing on the Arts

Private or independent schools are redefining what being “smart’ means through very unconventional means: a refocus on the arts. Research is now showing that studying the arts may in fact not only help students in getting good grades, but that it is linked to emotional and social development, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, cognitive ability, leadership, collaboration, innovation, empathy, and a broad range of skills involved in higher-order thinking.

According to education experts, arts education encourages the learners to take risks, and gives them confidence to know that success is achievable. Numerous private schools in Canada are now embracing innovative programs of arts that contribute to opening up of such opportunities through subjects like social sciences, history, and literature.

Integrating Science and Technology

While Canadian students have been using laptops for many years, teachers are now using blogs, social media, and wikis to promote collaboration and do group work. Some private schools have designed methods of counteracting the distractions caused by of smartphones through integrating them into the process of learning. Today, even iPads are being utilized in teaching both social and academic skills.

More Attention to Health and Wellness Needs

Health and wellness has turned into priority for most schools today, taking into consideration the significant rising levels of anxiety, stress, and depression among the youth, along with cases of bullying and suicides.

Schools have stepped up their game with extensive programs on health and wellness, counseling services, as well as extensive mental health resources geared towards helping students cope, thrive, and get support.

Promoting a Global Environment

Private schools across Canada are bringing up a new generation of global citizens. Whether travelling to foreign countries to support a community in need, mastering a new language or simply developing in-house school diversity awareness initiatives, private school students are offering their students more opportunities to broaden their understanding and knowledge of global perspectives than ever before. These are designed to help the students integrate more easily into a multicultural world.


The dominant form of education in Canada remains public schools. As leaders in the school determine where to invest their resources, time, and energy, they must also focus on remaining true to their missions and traditions. It is really a balancing act to meet the expectations held by parents for a top-quality, cutting-edge education for their kids, and also not to engage in chasing after every so-called hottest, latest trend that may fizzle out as fast as it emerged.


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