Even though we have always yearned for a paperless office, chances are that a good number of your processes still include producing weekly and quarterly reports, invoices, advertising, documents for proofing or signing, sales pitches and much more. It is, therefore, clear that most businesses can’t just function without business printers. Luckily, there is such an impressive selection of printers to help you with your in-house printing. Whether you are looking for speed, price, or technology, you are bound to find one that suits your needs. What’s more, prices for colored printer models have fallen, and they have become almost as inexpensive as mono printers.

Here is what you should consider when buying office printers.

Cost calculations

Printers vary considerably when it comes to cost. You should, however, remember that endless printing costs can override the initial price in time. For instance, we can compare a colour laser printer that produces prints at 5p per sheet, and the LED one that prints at 13.5 per page. The LED printer appears to be reasonably priced than the laser printer, but if you were to print 50 colour pages per day for one year, then the total printing costs will be more compared to if you were using a laser printer.

LED, Laser or Inkjet?

Laser business printers are always a favourite choice for firms that are looking for high-volume printing. They are reliable, fast, and they are not so choosy when it comes to paper quality. They produce very clear texts, and even the cheapest one provides the colour quality that is excellent enough for professional reports.

On the other hand, LED printers are similar to lasers but utilize fewer moving parts, and this makes them a bit cheaper to manufacture. Colour quality and speed are not compromised at all: some top-notch LED printers can produce stunning results.

What about the inkjet? Do not rule out these printers. They might take more time to print a page, but their output is incredible. For instance, by combining the correct print settings on your machine with paper meant to support the ink in particular ways [like card stock and photo paper], you can produce professional level looks for mere pennies. Of course, it will cost you more to print high-quality reports.

Today’s business world revolves around efficiency. We are always looking for ways to multitask and save time. We, therefore, look for machines that can perform various functions without requiring another machine. Some of these devises include office photocopiers and office printers. When buying a printer for small business, it is paramount that you select one that best suits your business needs. For more information, Hub Technology Group Inc. may be a good place to gather additional resources.


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