How to Choose the Best Fanny Packs for A Music Festival

A fanny pack is a pouch with straps worn around the hips or waist. People use the cute fanny packs to carry items such as keys, cell phones, money, and ID. Bum bags, waist wallets, and belt bags are other names used to refer to fanny packs. The bags have become more popular with the college students and with the people attending a sports, music events, or concerts. Besides their functional use, the fashion designers use them to add to a fashion statement to their outfits. Various celebrities including Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Sarah Jessica Parker have spotted the cute fanny packs in various music events.

­čÄŞ The History of Funny Packs

The fanny packs became popular among the tourists of all ages in the 1980s. The tourist wore the original design at the backside. After some time, they changed to the front side due to the high incidences of pickpocketing. Young people in the 80’s and 90’s considered fanny packs to be old fashioned and never used them. The puffy fanny pack of the 1980’s has evolved into the sleek, cute fanny pack in the 21st century.

Currently, a fanny pack is the trending bag among the millennial and college students. The doctors claim that the fanny packs are the healthiest bags since they do not strain the back. Therefore, they are ideal for anyone with back problems. The pack allows you to carry everything around the waist meaning that your hands are free to dance in a music event or concert. Fashion designers have designed sleek and cute fanny packs to compliment/match most of the outfits too.

­čÄ║ 3 Characteristics to Look For

Fanny packs are of different sizes and models. A good fanny pack should be functional, attractive, and safe to use. Below is a guideline of what to look for while getting a fanny pack for the music event:

Size the size of the fanny pack determines your whole appearance while wearing it. A huge fanny pack in a music event may be inconveniencing while a small one may not be able to hold the essential items. Therefore, one should consider getting a medium-sized cute fanny pack that would be multifunctional.

Multiple pockets a fanny pack should have multiple pockets to give room for a separate and neat arrangement of items. Placing the items in one pocket may give an unattractive look to the fanny pack. Additionally, it may also lead to the damage of the items in the bag, for example, phone, and camera screens. Ensure that every pocket has a zipper.

Weight – a good fanny pack should be light in weight and made of durable and sturdy material. Fanny packs made from leather of ripstop materials are lightweight and can withstand friction for a long time.



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