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7 Ways to Detect Water Leaks


Water leaks can happen in areas not so easy to access and see. It’s the type of problem that can go on for extended periods of time unnoticed. With the assistance of a plumber, the toughest leaks can be found and repaired quickly.

1. Higher Than Normal Water Bills

Most households use the same average amount of water each month. It makes the bills rather predictable in amount. heck the bills on a regular basis to look for abnormally high charges. It is always a good sign you might have a hard-to-detect water leak. You can begin the process of finding and fixing the problem.

2. Visible Drips or Streams of Water

Even though water leaks are aggravating, visible leaks are easy to get to and you lose less money through water loss than with hidden problems. Always address and repair the smallest leaks and drips. Every drop of water adds up to real dollars over the course of a month.

3. Areas of Wet Wallboard and Ceiling

Untold numbers of water lines can run through walls and up in ceiling areas. Finding spots of dampness or water-damaged materials is a sign you could have a leak behind these barriers. Bring in professional plumbing services to inspect the pipes in this area and determine if it’s a leak. The www.caldwellplumbing.ca website is a valuable resource for more information and insights.

4. Water Meter Moving When All Water is Off

Take a close look at your water meter periodically after turning all of your water off. A leak is a certainty if the meter moves during a time of no water use. It could be a problem anywhere from the water main and intake pipe to the plumbing fixtures.

5. Sound of Rushing Water

Shut off televisions and pick a quiet time of the day to listen. Sounds of running or rushing water are a clue that you have a water leak somewhere in the home. Try to follow the sound and see if there is any visible pooling water. You can easily direct the plumber to the leak for a quick fix.

6. Pooling Water in Basement or Yard

Flooded basements, pools of water on the floor, or soggy soil and pooled water in the yard are all signs of water leaks. Basement flooding is common when pipes get corroded and connections fail.

7. Unexplained Erosion Under Slab Foundations

Water leaks beneath the slab foundation are tough to detect until it gets bad. It can lead to the failure of the foundation of the home. Look for signs of uneven settling and sinking of the foundation. It could be a problem with the pipes running beneath the slab of concrete.

Stop costly water leaks by detecting them early and getting a qualified plumber to make the needed repairs.

4 Ways to Connect with Customers as a Realtor


There’s a lot of competition in real estate. As a realtor, you must use all of the resources that are available if you want to attract new customers and boost sales. This includes real estate CRM software and any other tools that are at your disposal. During the process, it’s necessary to connect with your customers on more than a surface level. Below are four tips for achieving that goal.

1. Share Your Expertise

Knowledge really is power, especially when you can use the information that you obtain to help your customers achieve their goals. When a customer makes the decision to depend on you for their real estate needs, they do so with an expectation that you have expertise in the industry. Whether you provide insights on negotiating or an analysis of the market, you’ll want to share your knowledge freely. It’s a great way to gain a reputation as a trusted expert.

2. Choose the Right CRM Software

Innovation has changed the game across all industries, including real estate. With the help of real estate CRM software, you can simplify a lot of processes that would otherwise be time consuming. For instance it can be used to document your interactions with customers, which makes you look like the best realtor they’ve ever met when you’re able to recall details that are specific to your client.

3. Connect More Frequently

While you certainly can’t spend all of your time talking on the phone, you can carve out a few hours a day to make phone calls to connect with leads and existing clients. You can even send a personalized email checking in or to say happy birthday. There are many easy and fast ways to connect with people as part of a larger strategy. You never want to take networking for granted. That one phone call you chose not to make could very well have been your next client. There are additional resources available at IXACT Contact.

4. Ask for Referrals

There’s no way around the fact that you must always endeavor to find clients. As a result, it’s necessary to consistently seek out referrals. This means whenever there is an opportunity to ask for referrals, you should do so. This includes existing clients, colleagues, family, friends, acquaintances and everyone else that you encounter. It’s why you should make it known that you’re a realtor by wearing branded accessories or clothing. It also helps to keep a fresh stack of business cards.

Being a successful realtor requires you to stay connected. Fortunately, there are many real estate CRM tools that enable you to do so effectively. Technology has made succeeding as a realtor more possible than ever before.

5 Themes And Concepts For Your Next Corporate Meeting Or Event


Have you ever thought of coming up with a memorable theme or concept for a corporate event? Most people don’t understand the importance of this or how to go about with it. Themes can help you plan for such events in the right direction and help you attain your career goals. It’s important that you plan carefully and on time to avoid rushing things and coming up with dull events. If you have no time or experience, it is always important to consult the services of party rentals companies. Below are 5 themes and concepts for your next corporate meeting or event;

1. Create An Appealing Entrance

A great entrance can greatly lure corporate guests. It’s the first place to be spotted and that’s why it’s important for you to decorate the place astonishingly. You can decorate the entree-way by creating a surreal aspiration or simply creating a lounge-like theme with neon lights which makes the mood even better. This will definitely give your event a marvelous appeal hence making your invitees enjoy it even more.

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2. Get Themed Uniforms For Your Staff

An organized team helps any event stand out. There is nothing appealing as having your staff dressed in attires that compliment your event. This makes you look organized and focused. Furthermore, your guests will feel much more comfortable around them because they can trust them easily. Choose uniforms that compliment your event to avoid looking like you’re trying too much. Importantly, choose attires that make your staff comfortable.

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3. Masquerade Theme

Don’t we all love masquerade parties? This theme is famous for many kinds of events including a corporate one. Furthermore, a masquerade theme will cheer everyone up and remove any feeling of negativism. You, however, need to plan for it well to avoid any embarrassment. You can choose your reception as the venue to set up everything fit for the theme. Most importantly, this will be a more noticeable place for everyone. All you need to do is set up the right mood and make sure it suits the role of your event.

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4. A Barbecue Theme Is Always A Great Idea

As we all know, barbecues are everyone’s favorite. Why not come up with a barbecue theme then? Barbecues remind us of the good times we’ve experienced with those important to us. Bringing this theme to your event will not only be fun but also create better relationships among people. Food makes people happy.

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5. Hold Parties And Bring DJs

This helps more in social gatherings after the meetings. Good music cheers people’s spirits. It’s important that you ask your guests the kind of music they like so that they can avoid boredom during the event. You can also add lights for that disco feel.

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These themes and concepts will help you create an amazing event for all your corporate meetings.

6 Ways To Build A Strong Recruiting Pipeline


In an organization, it is of great importance to have a strong recruitment pipeline. Having a strong recruitment team is the best way to ensure that you attract and maintain top talent. If you feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed every time you have to recruit for a position, there is a potential problem that has to be addressed. The primary cause of this could be that you have a weak recruiting pipeline or not using the Predictive Index required. However, there is no task that is too big to handle. Below are some useful tips that can help you to build a strong recruiting pipeline to better your organization.

1. Consider Your Culture

If you look at top organizations, they have a strong culture. A strong company culture is an essential tool when it comes to attracting top talent. If you want to accomplish this, you should use employees to produce your content. For instance, you can have a hashtag that your employees are familiar with when creating content for your organization.

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2. Amplify Your Content Using Your Employees

Pulling this off has a tremendous effect on your organization. This can be a hard sell internally, but it will be for the good of your company in the long run. You need to keep in mind that your employees have connections and their first and second-degree connections could be valuable for your company. They could be the top talent that you have been looking for.

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3. Attract the Right Talent

Attracting the right talent for your organization is vital. Most individuals rely on a push strategy when recruiting and they do this by listing the job roles on social media platforms like Linkedin and job boards. However, using a pull strategy is useful as you will spend less time looking for top talent and to fill your pipeline. You should develop your employer brand by explaining your culture, values, and expectations. Applying for employer awards is also a valuable way of improving your brand.

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4. Find the Right Talent

No matter what industry you are in, ensure that your talent pipeline has both internal and external candidates. To assess your internal candidates, have an annual talent review process, and this will enable you to understand your staff more.  As for external candidates, have a consistent approach when it comes to identifying the right talent. Some of the familiar places to find the right candidates include LinkedIn, recruitment campaigns, and networking events among others.

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5. Assess the Talent

After building the talent pool, the next step is to assess it. Create a criterion that has both qualitative and quantitative needs.

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6. Focus on Developing the Talent

Building the talent model entails more than finding the right people. Build a program that addresses the skills gap and focuses on making your employees better.

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Six Steps to Handling an Angry Customer in Your Call Center Agent


Working for in call centers as a contact agent, you are bound to come into contact with many different angry customers from time to time. The truth, it’s never an easy task. And you have to be specially prepared for anything an angry customer throws your way and still be able to be as professional and respectful as possible. Remember, you are there to serve the customer. Meaning that you are also obliged to take any kind of treatment they dish out to you. Remember, a dissatisfied customer is likely going to share his/her bad experience with your product or service with like 15 more people. And that’s bad rep for any business.

You can also try out these easy steps whenever you are dealing with an angry customer to ensure that both you and the customer end the communication kind of ‘satisfied.’

1. Work as quickly as you can

Go with the say, time is money. And try to make your communications with the clients as quickly as possible while staying within your bounds to serve the customer. You will also realize that almost all customers prefer phone calls to companies to deal with their issues rather than texting, emailing, or social media. Meaning that you may have dozens of customers on hold if you spend too much time with each one of them. And an angry customer put on hold can add to your list of problems.

2. Listen to everything the customer has to say first

Before you start dishing out advice and solutions to the calling customers, listen to everything they have to say, their issues, and only after that can you offer to help them. Just sit back and listen to their stories and try as much as possible not to interrupt them. Don’t cut even if it’s to ask for clarification for something. Wait until they are finished before you start talking back. This will give you a better understanding of the customer’s issue and enable you to respond with an appropriate solution faster.

3. Apologize

After the calling customer has explained him/herself, before you get to anything else, apologize first for the inconveniences the customer has had to go through. This is a key step, especially when dealing with an angry customer. Apologizing can help to calm the situation down a great deal and make the conversation friendlier. If the problem is the customer’s fault, don’t blame them, but work with the customer towards fixing the issue.

4. Ensure you understand everything

Before you start giving out solutions to a customer’s problem, ensure you, first, fully understand what the customer is grieving about. Don’t try to solve an issue that you don’t fully understand. Chances are that you might end up making everything a lot worse if you do.

5. Attempt to resolve the issue

In case, you know what the problem is, and are in a position to resolve it, then try and resolve it in the most appropriate and easy-to-understand manner. But if you are unsure about how to resolve the issue, then don’t make any promises to the client that you can’t really keep. If you don’t know the situation, put the calling customer on hold politely and consult with your superior about how to go about the situation. Don’t wait too long though. Keeping an angry caller on hold can also end up making your day a lot longer.

8. Compensate the customer for his/her trouble

Give your customer special treatment. Maybe a discount on your future products, or freebies. But that doesn’t happen with all companies though. But many do. So, at least, try to make the customer aware that you and your company are sincerely sorry for what happened and are available whenever the customer needs assistance. Chances are super-high that you are going to end up with a happy customer doing this.

7 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Efficient And Productive


Employee productivity equals company success, assuming a company truly believes in its product or service and openly communicates with their customers. Getting everyone on-board can seem difficult, but it’s not. Consider these tips to create a naturally productive work environment.

1. Organization


-An office needs to be organized in order to be efficient. Without organization, employees can’t find what they need, and it slows everyone down.

-Beyond efficient processes that aid in productivity, an inefficient office causes numerous distractions and commotion. It is easy to become distracted in a chaotic atmosphere. When the office is neat and tidy, workers can attend to their tasks in an easy way.

2. Colors

Office Colors

-The colors you choose in your office make a huge difference in productivity. You don’t want your office glaring with bright whites, but you don’t want it filled with dark colors either.

-Paint walls and choose carpet in neutral colors. It’s alright to have splashes of color here and there, like in artwork, because this helps with creativity. However, too much color all over the office will cause distraction and anxiety.

-You want to fill your office with colors that will calm people and make them feel happy. Vibrant blues have a wonderful way of achieving this, however, a lot of people also like green, darker shades of orange and gray.

3. Desk Space

Desk Space

-Employees need to love their workspace. It’s along the same lines of having an organized office. A desk with ample desk space and storage will be organized and customized according to individual needs.

-Adjustable desks can help employees to sit or stand when they need to.

4. Plants


-It can seem like a trivial thing, but placing a variety of plants in the office helps to increase productivity.

-Plants freshen the air and cool surrounding air temperatures. Their lushness and pleasing aroma make people feel happy and optimistic. These help to increase productivity.

5. Ongoing Training


-Every business hits a slump now and then, but it’s what you do with those slumps that determines whether the company becomes stronger and leaner. Consider problems as a blessing.

-Businesses need to change to keep up with technology and the needs of their clients, which is why businesses need to continually evolve. Sending employees for training that aids in efficiency and proficiency will undoubtedly help productivity. Consider the help of a company like Carpedia to increase productivity. Carpedia can help in hospitality, retail, infrastructure and manufacturing.

6. Breaks

Break Time

-People think that they should work through their breaks if they’re to speed up productivity, but it creates a huge problem doing this. Workers end up working slower when they haven’t had a break in a while.

-Some people prefer the “Pomodoro Technique” with working and taking breaks. This allows people to work for 25 minutes and take a five-minute break. After four “pomodoros”, employees can take a 15 to 30-minute break.

7. Efficient Software

Office software

-Management programs can help people stay on task. Creating an efficient way for employees to access meeting times, pertinent client information and seeing everyone’s schedule helps employees to be productive.

-In addition to management software, employees need to do their jobs efficiently in order to be productive, which means offices need to keep up with the times and utilize the latest resources that are most beneficial.

Businesses are about following dreams and reaching beyond to keep those dreams alive. Don’t slow down. Keep following your dream.

4 Important Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Dental Hygiene Career


Do you want to become a dental hygienist? Why? What do you know about the profession anyway? You will commit much of your adult life to it, so it is good to stay informed about what to expect. If you are in a dental hygiene continuing education program, then this is not for you. If, however, you are just starting out, then read on to learn about 4 important things to expect out of a career in dental hygiene.

1. It Takes a Lot of Dedication

Being a dental hygienist is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and other resources. For instance, you will be required to go through a rigorous learning and training program in dental school – it does not end with high school either as you may need to take on dental hygiene continuing education programs. You will also be required to put a lot of time and effort into your work when you finally get licensed and land a job. As such, you can look forward to busy days – this, however, should not be a problem as routines are flexible and the practice is interesting.

2. It Pays Well

A dental hygiene career takes a lot of dedication but it also pays well – dentistry is one of the best paid professions. You will be compensated well for your work, and it comes with additional incentives and packages that offer more than just monetary value. What’s more, this practice is full of opportunities to further your career and increase your revenues. Additionally, you get to work in a calm and serene environment – this, of course, will depend on where you apply.

3. It Is about More than Just Teeth

Yes, the main aspect of dental hygiene is oral health. However, any experienced dental hygienist will tell you that it is more than just about teeth.

As a dental hygienist, you will come across many people with diverse needs that go beyond their oral hygiene. You will be responsible for teaching them about maintaining good oral health and hygiene. You may also need to provide some oral and emotional support to those who feel degraded by their conditions – a crooked smile is no joke, and neither are stained teeth if you want a good social circle!

4. It Can be Monotonous

A dental hygiene career is one of the specialties of dentistry. You will be tasked with several limited duties that mostly involve upholding good oral hygiene and some health-related issues. To this end, you may find yourself dealing with the same issues over and over again. This causes monotony, which is one of the biggest setbacks for new dental hygienists.

However, there are many ways to overcome monotony. For starters, make sure that your working space is serene, calm, and interesting. Additionally, form a good network with colleagues and do not abandon your social circles. Finally, do not be afraid to take some time off and away from work – it is always refreshing and rejuvenating.

5 Common Packing Mistakes That Can Make Moving A Nightmare


For some reason, people always think that packing is all about throwing everything into a box and sealing it. Quite frankly, if you don’t take this process seriously you’ll end up making mistakes that can turn the entire experience into a nightmare. Go ahead and ask anyone who has moved homes to share with you their experience. They’ll tell you it’s time-consuming, stressful, and tiresome. You have to plan the move or else you’ll have to deal with various hurdles and glitches along the way. These challenges will make you feel like literary pulling out your hair due to frustration. By the way, if you feel you need advice on what to do you can call or send a message to movers Vancouver.

Packing mistakes to avoid according to movers:

Did you take your time to plan months in advance? If you did, everything will go according to plan. But if by any chance you didn’t, you need to buckle up because you’re about to experience one hell of a bumpy ride.

1. No packing strategy

It’s a huge mistake not to have a strategy. Most homeowners who are about to move homes think it’s okay to improvise at the very last minute instead of chalking out a plan. Packing household items randomly has never gotten anyone anywhere. You’ll just end up wasting a lot of time, and feel stressed. We always advise people to come up with a detailed calendar to help them plan for all the days at their disposal. Stick to whatever strategy you have, and try not to get off the rails.

2. Not asking for assistance

You obviously do have personal effects that come in different sizes, right? Some are huge while others are small. This means that if you choose to go at it alone, you’ll have a lot to juggle during the process. It’s probably best you get help from family members or close friends who are willing to give you a hand. You can even reach out to a moving company and hire their services if you don’t have a tight budget. Remember, some of these companies are not genuine movers but scammers, so you have to be really careful when carrying out background checks. Settle for a firm that has years of experience, and the skilled manpower required to handle the job effectively.

3. Procrastinating

It’s human nature to procrastinate things. The worst mistake you can make is not packing things in advance as this will make the entire process seem laborious. Have all the items that you don’t use more often already packed and the boxes labeled or tagged. Try to pack at least one box a day and avoid the last minute rush.

4. Insufficient packing supplies

Underestimating the amount of needed packing supplies is something common among movers. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you just ran out of bubble wraps or packing peanuts while packing on the last day. A professional mover will be happy to give you a rough estimate of what you need. Get yourself some shrink wraps, packing tapes, corrugated brown sheets, color-coded labels, and boxes of different sizes.

5. Not labeling boxes

Make things easier for yourself when you move in. Do not be lazy. How else are you going to know what’s in what box when you start unpacking? You’ll spend too much time unpacking and this can be stressful as well.

With the right planning, moving is never a tedious process. If you find it too much a hassle, reach out to professional movers who will always be ready to help you out.



5 Tips On Themes and Decorations for Your Summer Party


Is it summer yet? Looking forward to that summer party you’ve been planning for all year long?  Summer means warmer weather and consequently an outdoor party that calls for all kinds of entertainment, themes and decorations. Whether you’re setting the menu, the scene or the table, this article will offer entertaining tips on how to make your party memorable. A cool summer party doesn’t require you to break your bank by hiring expensive professional organizers. All you require are good friends, family members, good food, fun games, party rentals Toronto advice and don’t forget a lot of ice cream.

1. Barbecue and Ice cream party

Summer calls for outdoor projects and what a better signature than a barbecue party? It’s very rare if not impossible to come across someone who wouldn’t appreciate a piece of grilled beef, mutton or chicken. This includes, all ages, gender and even race. This is unless you’re dealing with a vegan. Couple this with delicious ice cream for all and you’ll have the best summer party for your friends and loved ones.

2. The Long Table

The long table always does wonders when it comes to casual outdoor dinners. You can spruce the table with lines that have floral patterns to blend with nature and bring out that picnic and summery feel. You can also use a large bowl and add some floating candles for a perfect centerpiece during the evening parties.

3. Colorful and Bright Theme

Summer is all about color and brightness meaning that your selected colors ought to be vibrant. You can achieve this by using round paper lanterns that come in all vibrant colors. Also, place nature inspired colors in the ideal areas to add to the decidedly summer feel.

4. Pool Party

When you hear the word ‘pool party’, what comes into your mind? Red party cups! Floaties and Volleyballs. Summer is all about taking advantage of the warm weather and taking a dip in a swimming pool can add to the mix. Know your crowd and then adjust accordingly. If you’ll be having kids, a baby pool and children themed decorations will be a must. If not, you can add a mixture of nice music, cocktails and adult themes to your summer party.

5. Cocktail party

A cocktail does wonders to a summer party despite the event and the theme you’re working with. Set a nice table aside and enlist a perfect mixologist or a wing-man who knows his cocktails. Ensure that the cocktails are only given to the adults and you can have some nice mocktails for the young and the non-alcoholics. A cocktail party definitely adds to the summer feel.

Why Ignoring Furnished Apartments Will Cost You Time And Sales

Many college graduates and experienced workers will use the professional services of finance recruiters to assist with the job hunt, but using finance and accounting recruiters Mississauga agencies to obtain a job offer is only a first step in the process. After you have received a great job offer comes the important task of negotiating your salary. In many cases, the initial salary that you are offered is not the highest level that the company is willing to go. The last thing you want is to start a job at a lower salary rate than what you could actually be making. Through these tips, you can maximize your income potential in finances jobs.

Furnished apartments are becoming more and more popular all over the world especially among working class citizens. Their popularity can be attributed to a number of factors that include saving up on money and time. People dealing in real estate have started focusing more on ensuring these units are up for sale as well as rent. This is due to the popularity they have gained. Individuals are finding it easier to live in furnished apartments and it is not hard to see why. Here are some reasons why ignoring furnished apartments Vancouver will cost you time and sales.

1. Limited mobility

People do not want to stay in a place where their mobility is limited. This point is more understandable to people who have once moved to a place only to realize that there is a better place that they could have moved to. Because they would need to move with all their furniture, they drop the idea of moving to a different place.

2. Time

If you have ever had to move all of your furniture from one apartment to another in a different location, you certainly understand how much of a time-consuming process it is. There is so much time that is wasted moving things from one place to another that could have been saved if the moving involved a furnished apartment. If you pay attention to this fact as an individual you will save so much money and as a real estate agent you will make more sales than you would have if you ignored furnished apartments.

3. Money

The expense is so much more on people who are blind to the fact that they could buy or rent a furnished apartment. This is due to the costs involved in moving furniture from one apartment to another. It becomes financially burdening to buy an apartment and to pay for movers to move your stuff. Ignoring furnished apartments costs you so much because you would not have had to pay movers if you were moving into a furnished apartment. A real estate agent also loses on the sale if they ignore furnished apartments. This is because; working class people and people in general moving from one place to another are looking for furnished apartments.

4. The hustle

I really doubt that there is anyone in this world who enjoys having to move furniture from one apartment to another especially when it involves employing the services of movers. It is such a hectic process. This is the reason why you need to pay more attention to furnished apartments. They will generally save you so much time and money as well as the effort. Incorporate furnished apartments in your sales plan if you are a real estate agent.

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