When the economy goes through a downward trend, there is no such thing as a safe job. To one degree or another, every type of industry will be affected. That means people who thought their jobs were secure can find themselves out of work due to downsizing or even company closings. If you find yourself in this position, it pays to consider signing up with a couple of staffing agencies. Operations of this type can often help you find work, even if the economy is not in the best shape. That’s because employed agencies have resources and connections that can connect you with potential employers you would never find on your own.

Skill Assessment

Once of the great things about working with a staffing agency is that you get to undergo a skill assessment. The fact is that while you may be very aware of the expertise and experience that you bring to the table, you may view those resources through a very narrow lens. In other words, you only perceive a small percentage of the settings in which those skills can provide value to an employer. By contrast, the staff at the agency will be able to identify how your skill set can make you a good fit for a broader range of jobs.

For example, you may have worked the last ten years as a customer service manager in the telecommunications industry. While you know telecom like the back of your hand, you also learned a great deal about how to interact with customers, identify solutions that ease client concerns and in general have a great deal of skill in helping an employer build strong relationships with customers. The agency staff will pick up on this fact and note that your skill set can just as easily be utilized for client relations functions with a large retail company. Chances are you would have never made that connection on your own.

Opportunities No One Knows About

Staffing agencies are often the first stop when a company needs to fill positions. This is because employers know that the agencies screen and qualify applicants in advance. The chances of securing a competent employee are much greater, saving the employer a lot of time and money. For this reason, a company may not advertise an open position to the general public. Unless you happen to be signed with the agency, the chances of hearing about that great position are somewhere between slim and none.

Someone is Looking Out For You

Employment agencies make money by matching the right job candidates with the right employers. If you don’t work, they don’t generate any revenue. It is to their benefit to actively seek positions that you can fill competently and that offer the type of compensation and benefits that you need. Since agencies tend to have plenty of resources to aid in the job search, they can expedite the process of finding a suitable position. Rather than you plodding along and possibly being out of work for months, the right agency will investigate every option and find something worthwhile in a much shorter period of time. As a result, you can stop worrying about how to pay the bills and start earning an income again. At the same time, the agency generates a little income as the result of their efforts on your behalf.

If you have never worked with a staffing agency, don’t allow the prospect to intimidate you. See the agency as a resource that puts you in contact with a much wider range of job opportunities. With a little luck, you’ll be matched with an employer who provides benefits and a working environment that is even better than the position that you lost.


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