Email lead generation is all the rage in marketing today, especially in B2B marketing. Traditional marketing methods may still work, but they are not very effective when used alone. They should be complemented with online marketing techniques, such as the use of lead generation software, for them to produce the desired results. Statistics show that only 2% of visitors to your website go ahead to make contact with you, either by making inquiries or purchasing your products or services. Analytics tools can only tell you how many people visited your website, but with the use of email lead generation software, visitor tracking is possible. This means that you can find out who the other 98% of visitors to your website are and what they are doing on your website among other invaluable information that will be of great help to your sales and marketing team.

Benefits of using lead generation software

Email lead generation can help your business collect invaluable data on potential customers that you can use to improve your marketing techniques and know exactly what the market wants. You can then offer products and services based on your findings and go about your marketing campaigns knowing exactly who to target when advertising your products. This way, you will spend less time and money on marketing and advertising as you will be targeting a very specific audience in all your marketing campaigns.

The software also enables you to get information in real-time and there is, therefore, no chance that you will be receiving obsolete information. It will also enable the sales team to know exactly who the leads are and what they are interested in. The sales team can then tailor their pitch to the lead to get them to buy a certain product or service. With email lead generation, no time or resources will be wasted on cold calls.

The software can also be used by businesses in different stages of the business cycle and across all industries. It is a good investment as it will lead to higher conversion rates and hence boost your business’s sales. Besides just boosting sales, lead generation software also enable businesses to come up with reasonable prices for their products and services. You can also use the software to monitor the performance of different pages on your website and hence improve the user experience.


Lead generation has been in use for a long time, but with the introduction email lead generation software, the process just got faster and more efficient. The benefits of lead generation software cannot be overemphasized. Most B2B companies are using them to make their online marketing campaigns more effective and they are working wonders for them. You may be able to learn more at the Clickback website.


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