The world is changing fast with professional apps on the smartphones. The construction industry is also heading towards using these useful apps on just a tap of the finger. Smartphone applications are entering into the world of construction with lots of innovative solutions. Some extremely useful apps are so innovative and powerful that your smartphones can actually become your office whether on or off the real site.

Here are top 8 apps which can be used widely in future buildings and construction industry:

1. SmartBid Net


This app is available on iPhone and consists of bid management systems. SmartBid Net allows you to create and track your bid process with your contractors, subcontractors, and companies in a very reliable and secure manner. This app helps you to access information to bid on projects easily and on time.

2. BIM 360 Team


BIM app has immense and vast usage. It is the most used app in the industry of construction. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital tool used by engineers, architects and construction industry to manage projects with ease and effectiveness. This app allows navigating through 3D BIM models and their related data. This app also covers complete documentation of buildings with just a tap on your smartphone screen.

3. Finger CAD


This app features the freedom to draw objects in any shape with object snap, editing tools to quickly rotate, select, move and scale objects. You can measure your drawings accurately while on site and need not carry those huge sheets of blueprints. You can even use your GPS to orient your position in the actual site on your mobile screen. The final design is saved and can be sent via e-mail in the pdf format. Annotating any part of the drawing can also be done.

4. Plan Grid


This app manages and keeps all the team members at the site up to date with the latest revision in the drawings. Plan Grid app allows you to publish your latest drawings to a cloud server and finally share with all your team members. It becomes easy to access set of drawings in the field. You can share a full drawing, a packet or a selected screenshot area.

5. Carpenter’s Helper


This app is capable of handling huge and massive-scale construction projects. It easily calculates linear, square and cubic measurements. This app helps you calculate stair, roof and floor projects.

6. Truckast


This app allows you to set up your ready-mix order of concrete. You gain access to the order placed, delivery time or arrival time on site. This app will also keep a complete record of how many concrete orders have been placed and how many are on the way and support photos are also uploaded.

7. Fast concrete pad calculator


This app calculates quantities needed of concrete and rebar for next project needs. It also calculates the amount of waste material.

8. Osha heat safety tools


This app takes care of the protective measures by sending you reminders to take care and protect workers from heat-related sickness. It sends reminders to consume enough fluids, what measures to take during an emergency and training on heat illness signs and symptoms.


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