Water leaks can happen in areas not so easy to access and see. It’s the type of problem that can go on for extended periods of time unnoticed. With the assistance of a plumber, the toughest leaks can be found and repaired quickly.

1. Higher Than Normal Water Bills

Most households use the same average amount of water each month. It makes the bills rather predictable in amount. heck the bills on a regular basis to look for abnormally high charges. It is always a good sign you might have a hard-to-detect water leak. You can begin the process of finding and fixing the problem.

2. Visible Drips or Streams of Water

Even though water leaks are aggravating, visible leaks are easy to get to and you lose less money through water loss than with hidden problems. Always address and repair the smallest leaks and drips. Every drop of water adds up to real dollars over the course of a month.

3. Areas of Wet Wallboard and Ceiling

Untold numbers of water lines can run through walls and up in ceiling areas. Finding spots of dampness or water-damaged materials is a sign you could have a leak behind these barriers. Bring in professional plumbing services to inspect the pipes in this area and determine if it’s a leak. The www.caldwellplumbing.ca website is a valuable resource for more information and insights.

4. Water Meter Moving When All Water is Off

Take a close look at your water meter periodically after turning all of your water off. A leak is a certainty if the meter moves during a time of no water use. It could be a problem anywhere from the water main and intake pipe to the plumbing fixtures.

5. Sound of Rushing Water

Shut off televisions and pick a quiet time of the day to listen. Sounds of running or rushing water are a clue that you have a water leak somewhere in the home. Try to follow the sound and see if there is any visible pooling water. You can easily direct the plumber to the leak for a quick fix.

6. Pooling Water in Basement or Yard

Flooded basements, pools of water on the floor, or soggy soil and pooled water in the yard are all signs of water leaks. Basement flooding is common when pipes get corroded and connections fail.

7. Unexplained Erosion Under Slab Foundations

Water leaks beneath the slab foundation are tough to detect until it gets bad. It can lead to the failure of the foundation of the home. Look for signs of uneven settling and sinking of the foundation. It could be a problem with the pipes running beneath the slab of concrete.

Stop costly water leaks by detecting them early and getting a qualified plumber to make the needed repairs.