So, the time has come for you to pack your stuff and move to another home. No doubt, there are many stresses that come with the whole process and this can be a very stressful period if you don’t plan yourself early enough for the whole process. Movers Vancouver as a moving company have seen many homeowners make many mistakes during their first moves. And it gets even worse if this is your first move. You are bound to make many mistakes in the process, some grave while others just minor ones.

So, here are six of the most common mistakes which you can make as a first-time home mover and how you can avoid them.

  1. Moving without help

You may think it’s as easy and simple as you picture it in your head, but wait till you get to do the real move, you will realize real quick that it wasn’t such a good idea. You may think it’s wise to move by yourself, especially if you feel you don’t have too much furniture to worry about. But then you need to rent a moving van and purchase all the moving equipment like moving boxes and cushions which need cash and are all pretty expensive. The best option would be to hire professional movers.

  1. Not shopping around

Failing to shop around for help on the best moving company options to go for can be a grave mistake. You need to ensure that you look for the best moving company which offers the best rates and services as well. Failing to do this may even end up landing you scam movers on your doorstep.

  1. Waiting too long to plan

Waiting too long before you finally begin to start planning your move can also make your whole moving experience quite difficult. You may end up with very little time on your hands to adequately prepare and pack all of your items. In fact, chances are that you are going to miss some items or pack other things in the wrong packages and end up spoiling or breaking them. You need to start planning early your whole moving process at least 60 days before the actual move takes place. This way, you have enough time to ensure everything is done right and packed properly.

  1. Being unorganized

This is a common problem even with the regular movers. It ranks among the biggest mistakes that home movers tend to make. Why can’t people just realize that the more organized you are through the whole moving process, the more efficient the whole process is going to be? Label all boxes properly and pack the fragile materials carefully. You will have an easier time unpacking as well.

  1. Neglecting fragile items

You will obviously come to learn the hard way that all fragile items like dishes, cups, and electrical appliances need to be packaged specially and different from the rest. They aren’t packaged with any of the other stuff either. There are special types of boxes specially designed for these fragile items as well. Don’t let your tv set or refrigerator get spoilt while moving just because you didn’t package it properly.

  1. Not thinking about taxes 

There is also the tax implication that moving alone may have. You will need to have all your moving receipts with you to ensure you have proper backup for any taxi write off.


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