There are a couple of advantages of using flexographic printing over other printing alternatives. However, for you to maximize the use of flexography, you need to have the entire flexographic package. This includes a flexstand, a flexcart as well as flex storage solutions. Once you do this, you will enjoy the following benefits.

1. Higher Printing Speeds

Flexographic printing is reliable with regards to speed as a result of particular features. First, setting up the entire package is relatively easy when compared to other printing technologies. The same capability is reflected when printing content on surfaces. The ink used is fast drying and this aids in printing in record time. Thirdly, the high speeds are replicated when it comes to cleaning up the technology’s surfaces. It is quite effortless to have it all cleaned up owing to its use of water-based inks. All these work to improve the production capacity and efficiency.

2. Ability to Print on a Variety of Surfaces

The technology has indeed changed how printing is done. You no longer are limited to printing on paper and cardboard surfaces. With flexography, you can print on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Inscribing quality content on metallic films, fabric, tiles and any other substrate you may think of is thus made easy.

3. Guaranteed Safety on Consumer Goods

Printing on food products provides a challenge. Information on the food-related products ought not to wear off, degrade or leak as there is a risk of contamination of the food. Printing becomes especially difficult when the surfaces are made of non-porous material. Flexography addresses this concern. The prints are bonded on the surfaces. It then reduces the risk of contaminating the food thus guaranteeing the safety of the food to the final consumer.

4. Lowered Cost of Production

Flexography combines several matters that work to reduce the total cost of production. With improved output figures, faster cleanup and a variety of surfaces that can be printed on, it is no surprise that the overall cost is lowered. The ripple effect of the decreased expense works in your company’s favor. The products offered to your clientele are much cheaper without a compromise on the quality. As with every other market segment, customers are attracted to more affordable, quality products. Your business thus gets to maximize revenues while lowering costs.

5. Reduced Impact on the Environment

Unlike other printing technologies, flexography uses water-based inks. The solvents used in cleaning the equipment are recyclable. A combination of all these and you get an eco-friendly innovation in your operations. The advantage is that you maximize on your activities while making your contributions in safeguarding the environment.
Flexography has proven to be a reliable form of printing. You best employ its use in your operations and experience these benefits first hand. Visit FlexStor for more information and resources.


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