Is it summer yet? Looking forward to that summer party you’ve been planning for all year long?  Summer means warmer weather and consequently an outdoor party that calls for all kinds of entertainment, themes and decorations. Whether you’re setting the menu, the scene or the table, this article will offer entertaining tips on how to make your party memorable. A cool summer party doesn’t require you to break your bank by hiring expensive professional organizers. All you require are good friends, family members, good food, fun games, party rentals Toronto advice and don’t forget a lot of ice cream.

1. Barbecue and Ice cream party

Summer calls for outdoor projects and what a better signature than a barbecue party? It’s very rare if not impossible to come across someone who wouldn’t appreciate a piece of grilled beef, mutton or chicken. This includes, all ages, gender and even race. This is unless you’re dealing with a vegan. Couple this with delicious ice cream for all and you’ll have the best summer party for your friends and loved ones.

2. The Long Table

The long table always does wonders when it comes to casual outdoor dinners. You can spruce the table with lines that have floral patterns to blend with nature and bring out that picnic and summery feel. You can also use a large bowl and add some floating candles for a perfect centerpiece during the evening parties.

3. Colorful and Bright Theme

Summer is all about color and brightness meaning that your selected colors ought to be vibrant. You can achieve this by using round paper lanterns that come in all vibrant colors. Also, place nature inspired colors in the ideal areas to add to the decidedly summer feel.

4. Pool Party

When you hear the word ‘pool party’, what comes into your mind? Red party cups! Floaties and Volleyballs. Summer is all about taking advantage of the warm weather and taking a dip in a swimming pool can add to the mix. Know your crowd and then adjust accordingly. If you’ll be having kids, a baby pool and children themed decorations will be a must. If not, you can add a mixture of nice music, cocktails and adult themes to your summer party.

5. Cocktail party

A cocktail does wonders to a summer party despite the event and the theme you’re working with. Set a nice table aside and enlist a perfect mixologist or a wing-man who knows his cocktails. Ensure that the cocktails are only given to the adults and you can have some nice mocktails for the young and the non-alcoholics. A cocktail party definitely adds to the summer feel.


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