Most children look forward to the fun and games of summer camp including meeting new friends, paddling a canoe on the lake, and trying new sports and games with their peers. While camp is a fun and exciting adventure for children, they also learn important life skills while they’re away. Here are the top five life skills you can expect your child to develop while at summer camp.


1. Self Confidence

Taking a step outside of their comfort zone and into the unknown puts your child in a vulnerable place. The support of counselors, camp staff, and fellow campers will help them feel secure during this venture into the unknown. This support will follow through while they try new experiences and lead them to develop stronger self esteem. This confidence will help them in every aspect of their lives when they return.


2. Social Skills

Especially for children who are shy and reserved, the process of making friends at summer camp is an essential life skill. At camp, children learn how to connect with new people, find similar interests, and resolve disputes. Learning healthy conflict resolution skills when deciding what camp activities to do as a cabin is great practice for the tougher conflicts that will face them later in life.


3. Teamwork and Cooperation

Many camps offer team building or challenge course activities for children to complete as a group. These challenges allow them to try new ideas, experiment with communication styles, and put teamwork into action. This vital skill of working well with others translates to nearly every aspect of their lives outside of camp.


4. Technical Skills

Trying their hand at steering a canoe, carving wood, and learning how to swim all teach important skills at summer camp. Whether it’s archery, swimming, or a new sport they haven’t yet tried, your child can expect to pick up several new technical skills while they are away. At summer camp children will try games, sports, crafts, hiking, nature activities, and more. Specialty camps that focus on sports, drama, or science will give children an even more specific set of skills.


5. Independence and Self-Entertainment

When spending time in nature away from technology, children learn that the fast pace of regular society isn’t the only way to live. Seeing that there are ways to have fun and enjoy themselves without a smartphone is a vital skill for children to learn early in life. Camp teaches children that being “bored” is okay sometimes, and it allows them to find ways to fill in their boredom on their own. This independence breaks the idea that adults should always cater to their entertainment. Back at home, this translates to less disruptive behavior at school, increased focus, and greater independence.


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