For some reason, people always think that packing is all about throwing everything into a box and sealing it. Quite frankly, if you don’t take this process seriously you’ll end up making mistakes that can turn the entire experience into a nightmare. Go ahead and ask anyone who has moved homes to share with you their experience. They’ll tell you it’s time-consuming, stressful, and tiresome. You have to plan the move or else you’ll have to deal with various hurdles and glitches along the way. These challenges will make you feel like literary pulling out your hair due to frustration. By the way, if you feel you need advice on what to do you can call or send a message to movers Vancouver.

Packing mistakes to avoid according to movers:

Did you take your time to plan months in advance? If you did, everything will go according to plan. But if by any chance you didn’t, you need to buckle up because you’re about to experience one hell of a bumpy ride.

1. No packing strategy

It’s a huge mistake not to have a strategy. Most homeowners who are about to move homes think it’s okay to improvise at the very last minute instead of chalking out a plan. Packing household items randomly has never gotten anyone anywhere. You’ll just end up wasting a lot of time, and feel stressed. We always advise people to come up with a detailed calendar to help them plan for all the days at their disposal. Stick to whatever strategy you have, and try not to get off the rails.

2. Not asking for assistance

You obviously do have personal effects that come in different sizes, right? Some are huge while others are small. This means that if you choose to go at it alone, you’ll have a lot to juggle during the process. It’s probably best you get help from family members or close friends who are willing to give you a hand. You can even reach out to a moving company and hire their services if you don’t have a tight budget. Remember, some of these companies are not genuine movers but scammers, so you have to be really careful when carrying out background checks. Settle for a firm that has years of experience, and the skilled manpower required to handle the job effectively.

3. Procrastinating

It’s human nature to procrastinate things. The worst mistake you can make is not packing things in advance as this will make the entire process seem laborious. Have all the items that you don’t use more often already packed and the boxes labeled or tagged. Try to pack at least one box a day and avoid the last minute rush.

4. Insufficient packing supplies

Underestimating the amount of needed packing supplies is something common among movers. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you just ran out of bubble wraps or packing peanuts while packing on the last day. A professional mover will be happy to give you a rough estimate of what you need. Get yourself some shrink wraps, packing tapes, corrugated brown sheets, color-coded labels, and boxes of different sizes.

5. Not labeling boxes

Make things easier for yourself when you move in. Do not be lazy. How else are you going to know what’s in what box when you start unpacking? You’ll spend too much time unpacking and this can be stressful as well.

With the right planning, moving is never a tedious process. If you find it too much a hassle, reach out to professional movers who will always be ready to help you out.




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