There’s a lot of competition in real estate. As a realtor, you must use all of the resources that are available if you want to attract new customers and boost sales. This includes real estate CRM software and any other tools that are at your disposal. During the process, it’s necessary to connect with your customers on more than a surface level. Below are four tips for achieving that goal.

1. Share Your Expertise

Knowledge really is power, especially when you can use the information that you obtain to help your customers achieve their goals. When a customer makes the decision to depend on you for their real estate needs, they do so with an expectation that you have expertise in the industry. Whether you provide insights on negotiating or an analysis of the market, you’ll want to share your knowledge freely. It’s a great way to gain a reputation as a trusted expert.

2. Choose the Right CRM Software

Innovation has changed the game across all industries, including real estate. With the help of real estate CRM software, you can simplify a lot of processes that would otherwise be time consuming. For instance it can be used to document your interactions with customers, which makes you look like the best realtor they’ve ever met when you’re able to recall details that are specific to your client.

3. Connect More Frequently

While you certainly can’t spend all of your time talking on the phone, you can carve out a few hours a day to make phone calls to connect with leads and existing clients. You can even send a personalized email checking in or to say happy birthday. There are many easy and fast ways to connect with people as part of a larger strategy. You never want to take networking for granted. That one phone call you chose not to make could very well have been your next client. There are additional resources available at IXACT Contact.

4. Ask for Referrals

There’s no way around the fact that you must always endeavor to find clients. As a result, it’s necessary to consistently seek out referrals. This means whenever there is an opportunity to ask for referrals, you should do so. This includes existing clients, colleagues, family, friends, acquaintances and everyone else that you encounter. It’s why you should make it known that you’re a realtor by wearing branded accessories or clothing. It also helps to keep a fresh stack of business cards.

Being a successful realtor requires you to stay connected. Fortunately, there are many real estate CRM tools that enable you to do so effectively. Technology has made succeeding as a realtor more possible than ever before.