From corporate representatives to all star team characters, mascots are a beloved and colorful way of expression. Here is a list of the three main types of custom mascot costumes commonly seen all across the world.

1. Inanimate Objects and Symbols
Often associated with corporations and businesses, mascots that employ the shape of an inanimate object come to life and/or a logo design on them are most often used as a means to spread awareness of a particular brand, product, or even an idea through the use of symbolism in some cases. They’re the perfect solution for businesses wanting to reach out to their customer base by providing a friendly character to represent their brand. You’ll often see a mascot character in the shape of an object waving signs for businesses on the side of a busy road, hoping to provide insight into what exactly the business provides as a service before the potential customer even reads what’s on the sign. For example, a pizza company might have someone dressed as a giant slice of pizza and a grocery store might have someone dressed in a costume shaped like a soda can with the company’s logo plastered on the sides.

2. Human Characters
Sometimes it’s not enough for someone to slip on a mask and walk around with their regular bodies not dressed up to match the occasion. Humanoid costumes are a type of custom mascot costume that you will see representing an archetypal character in a cartoon-like way. A few examples of these human mascots would be a viking, a pirate, a chef, a mad scientist, a superhero, and a Norse god like Odin, just to name a few. You may be wondering why people don’t just dress themselves up with a few prosthetic parts or makeup instead of dressing up in a costume of a human looking character. There are a few key reasons for this, the most obvious of which being that a costume is a cost and time effective alternative to dressing someone up all the time. Another reason is so that certain attributes can be exaggerated while remaining family friendly and friendly, rather than appearing eerie. For more information, please visit Loonie Times to find additional resources.

3. Animals and Mythical Creatures
Quite possibly one of the most common types of common custom mascot costumes, these types of mascots have the widest range of use. Not only can you have a bear character representing your local football team but you can also have the bear dressed as a magician, resulting in a double meaning in the design. Due to the flexibility of using an animal with human characteristics (such as walking on two legs) you can make the character relevant among the widest amount of avenues.


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