There are practically many reasons that can lead to rejected immigration application forms in Canada. But then again, you may be lucky enough to have your application only delayed as you wait to have your Canadian citizenship application reviewed. Still, all this means that you have to wait more days, months even, or start a fresh application all over again as a result of these hazards on and to your Canadian application forms. This article has highlighted ten obvious application hazards witnessed by Preszler Immigration Lawyers when it comes to Canadian application forms for temporary or even permanent residence.

  1. Not signing the forms

This may sound like something simple but it actually happens most of the time. You find situations where some applicants fail to sign important documents like when adding any family information to a document which usually requires that three signatures be put on it; that exact page. Most people always put only one signature and fail to put the remaining two.

  1. Paying the fee incorrectly

Only bank drafts, money orders, or certified cheques suffice as payment modes. Then again you should also know that different streams will require different payment methods. Some visa offices also take local currency as well.

  1. Correct size pictures

Most of the application forms and stages require that you provide pictures with specific sizes in order to easily fit the application forms that the CIC may send you. you will also end up with a rejected and return application form if you don’t pay attention the picture size format.

  1. Only providing the required documents

Sometimes it’s just vital that you always pay attention and provide the necessary documentation. Why would you be requested to provide one documentation and then you decide to provide a different one? it’s all up to you as your application will be automatically rejected if you fail to provide the necessary documents.

  1. Supplemental forms for some countries

Like Afghanistan citizens looking to immigrate to Canada need to provide a super visa. You may be required to provide some additional information depending on the country which you are coming from. This information may not be present in the requirements of the initial forms.

  1. Providing misinformation

Failing to adequately explain any missing information automatically leads to rejected or returned application forms. Misrepresentation is not condoned by the immigration offices. It is better to be truthful about all information and see how the whole process goes.

  1. Handwriting information on forms

You are required to fill in all relevant and required information using a computer and Adobe Reader. However, you will still find cases where some applicants decide to fill their forms using their hands. These applications are automatically rejected as these forms cannot be verified.

  1. Not providing cover letters.

This is not a vital requirement but still, it can boost the whole process as cover letters will specify exactly what you are applying for and the main reasons for your application which also makes the reviewing process quicker.

  1. Waiting for criminal record checks before you file an application

This is always not advisable unless you are applying for a criminal rehabilitation or temporary residence permit. Criminal record checks are not required to successfully process an application.

  1. Mailing the application

It is best that you use a courier to deliver your applications to the appropriate offices for processing and if not, then you can use their registered mail.


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